Clear out Sale - all polymer clay at the special sale price of £1.20
Welcome to Gemstone Boutique

Some Rummage Basket End-of-Lines added below, also some new-to-us Rivolis.  

Bulk Buying!
Some of the peacock beads are having a bulk option added.  Beads that normally sell in packs of 10 are becoming available in packs of 50 (pay for 48), and packs that are nomally 20/pack will be available in bags of 100 (Pay for 95).  It will take a little time to get all of them done, where stocks are available, but you can always email if the bead you want hasn't had the bulk option added yet.
Quite a few beads that never made it to the web site are appearing as part of this exercise, so where this happens I have highlighted them below in the 'New' section, as they are new to the web site at least!


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